[ic] ic and qmail

Patrick Donker list-account at webpagina.nu
Tue Jul 13 15:21:42 EDT 2004

> "Setting system variables" is definitely possible in any of many
> ways. But you don't even mention what you mean by a "system variable".

I have posted which variables in previous messages. Maybe you should 
read those too befor butting in without knowing what the hell you are 
talking about

> I can *guess* you mean changing something in the environment, but
> it is certainly not our problem if you can't talk the proper
> language that will make it easy to answer your question.

Typical American attitude. Arrogance galore. English is not my native 
language, but at least I take the effort of trying to express myself in 
another language. But international orientation is not something 
Americans are famous for!

> To do this you need to have a calling context; and certainly the
> easiest way to do this is to make your own sendmail replacement
> script and put that in the SendMailProgram catalog.cfg directive.

This is what I have been asking all the time. Why is it so hard to share 
info on this list? I have been reading the archives and you wouldnt 
believe how many times people ask for help (often the same questions), 
and are ignored or dissed. Not even to mention the forum, which is a 
total joke.

> If you are going to use a very non-standard mailer like qmail,
> you need to be the one responsible for finding the solutions
> to problems. 

Yes, ofcourse....non-standard...ever heard of Hotmail? Probably not or 
else you would have kept your ignorant remarks to yourself.

> I know that in sendmail (and postfix) all you need
> to do is make the user trusted and pass the envelope-from
> with the -f flag. How to do that in qmail? Not a clue. But it
> is certainly not our problem here.

No, that is not your problem, but you clearly have enough problems 

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