[ic] e-commerce and call-center software

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 14 19:08:33 EDT 2004


We are developing a on-line store. The store is managed normally but there 
is one small issue, they have a call center, that can take the users orders, 
but with discounts, the problem is that we need that the person in the call 
center can look ant the same prices as the normal internet user, but also 
has some discount avalible onscreen depending on the client, the amount 
purchase total, and certain products.
For example User Y was looking at the on-line store, but dicided to give us 
a call, when he calls, the clerck that answers the call, will take the 
order, exactly as the users wants, but he can give discounts, and have room 
for negociating the prices...

We were thinking to make a separete client, but I am pretty sure that IC can 
handle that with a lillte twaeking... maybe using user roles, or using 

Any comments or Ideas are welcome

Thanks In advance.
Daniel Castro

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