[ic] UI not handling images

Sean Benton manager at bgsn.net
Thu Jul 15 01:42:29 EDT 2004

Hi Bob,
Yep I had this problem too well at least I think it may be the same problem,

I haven't solved it completly but i found if you look at the widget 
properties for area::image you can get set the directory of your images 
in the advanced tab "directory" field , this makes the images available 
in that directory apear in the drop down box for (Image) but yet again 
when you go back to the same record after selecting an image  and saving 
the record the image field is blank,  ( This is a definate code problem )
I gave up as it was not of  huge importance at the time and just changed 
the area::image widget to a text entry type , which solved it for me, 
for the moment , the origianl concept would be very nice if it worked , 
but as I have different image dirs , with out an additional option drop 
down for a directory its a bit under developed.
I think that you will find that there will be a problem with the loading 
code for that widget / field but I havent realy looked very deep into it.
Let us know if you solve it


Bob Puff at NLE wrote:

> Hello again,
> I'm running into another snag of IC 5.2.0 with a MySQL database:
> If I go into the tables database "area", I can make the display_type 
> be "Image", and can even put an image filename in the next box, and it 
> saves it.
> However, when I go back to editing that same exact record, the image 
> filename box is empty!  I just looked at the SQL database, and its in 
> there, but why doesn't the UI display it?
> Also, the drop-down box next to this box used to let you select all of 
> the images that you had.  It is just blank.
> Help!
> Bob
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