[ic] Credit Card payment still visible?

info at charlsoncharms.nl info at charlsoncharms.nl
Thu Jul 15 06:46:10 EDT 2004

Hello interchange users,

I have been using the latest interchange demo to setup an online store but
are having some trouble eliminating Credit Cards as an optional payment
method. In the admin I have set all credit cards (e.g. VISA) as Not
Accepted. Under the payment option in the administration tab all payment
options such as COD show a 0 or 1 value to indicate whether or not this
option is available. Behind credit cards accepted however no preference
value is given. When I go to the checkout page in the demo I keep seeing the
credit card option on the pull down menu. How can I completely eliminate
this option such that it is no longer visible on the site? I hope my
explanation is sufficient. 

Many thanks,
P. Smits

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