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>We are developing a on-line store. The store is managed normally but there 
>is one small issue, they have a call center, that can take the users 
>orders, but with discounts, the problem is that we need that the person in 
>the call center can look ant the same prices as the normal internet user, 
>but also has some discount avalible onscreen depending on the client, the 
>amount purchase total, and certain products.
>For example User Y was looking at the on-line store, but dicided to give 
>us a call, when he calls, the clerck that answers the call, will take the 
>order, exactly as the users wants, but he can give discounts, and have 
>room for negociating the prices...
>We were thinking to make a separete client, but I am pretty sure that IC 
>can handle that with a lillte twaeking... maybe using user roles, or using 
>Any comments or Ideas are welcome
>Thanks In advance.
>Daniel Castro

One of the many pricing features of Interchange is the ability to set the 
price for an item directly in the cart via the mv_price attribute. The 
foundation demo already references this attribute in the CommonAdjust 
pricing string; by re-arranging this string a bit, and adding an input 
field for a key-in price in admin/entry.html with a bit of code to handle 
it, I'd think that a sales agent could name any price they want for an item...

- Ed

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