[ic] Question about 'connect failed...(110)" on ic and Mysql server

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Thu Jul 15 12:18:14 EDT 2004

OS: Debian 3.0
Kernel: 2.4.20
Ic: 5.0
Mysql: 3.23.55
Perl: 5.6.1 (non threaded)

Hi Folks,

I've been trying to track this one down for quite some time now and I'm
unable to find the answer in the mailing list archives, docs or on the

I'm getting this error in the interchange.cfg error.log file every 30
minutes or so. 

"Died in server spawn: table products connect failed -- Can't connect to
MySQL server on 'mysql.myserver.com' (110)"

I'm trying to figure out whether I have an IC issue, Mysql issue or DNS
issue.  I'm getting variations of that error message depending on the
page requested, but they all have the (110) error code.  A 'grep -R 110'
from the interchange/lib directory yielded no helpful output.

Traffic settings:
PreFork             Yes
StartServers        5
MaxRequestsPerChild 100
HouseKeeping        2
PIDcheck            120
MaxServers          0

As Austin Powers would say - "And, I'm Spent!".  Any help or point in
the right direction to look would be greatly appreciated. If I have
forgotten to post any relevant config or error information I apologize
and will post if requested.

Thanks in advance.
Marty Tennison <marty at sediva.com>

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