[ic] Pricing with 3 decimal places

Victor Nolton ven at pragakhan.com
Thu Jul 15 17:53:52 EDT 2004

We've been using Minivend 4.0 for a lonnnggg time. it works flawless 
and there hasn't been much of a need to upgrade. A few months ago a 
client asked if it would be possible to give Minivend/Interchange 
prices on items and have the values go out 3 decimal places. Told 
them there was one way to find out, so I tried it, and it didn't 
work, price kept coming up as $0.00.

In the meantime, next month I am going to be moving the site to 
another server and most likely will throw Interchange 5.2 on it (wooo)

I am curious if Interchange (anything above 4.0) supports pricing 
that goes out 3 decimal places ($1.532 etc).

I guess if Interchange 5.2 doesn't do it, does it sound like a 
feature request that is worthwhile?

BTW, hi guys, it's been awhile ;)


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