[ic] ad_tracking--mike h

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Thu Jul 15 18:57:50 EDT 2004

Steve [icdev at mrlock.com] wrote:
>>> How much would it take if a few of us funded this venture to
>>> include it in the open source? I know i'm interested.....
>> I would think two-three hours of my time would be plenty. What I
>> usually do is go halfsies with people who are funding something that
>> goes
>> to the core. The extra time is spent on docs and distribution
>> support.
> Would the code be portable back to foundation 4.8.x or do I need to
> plan the upgrade to 5.x to go with this?
> A brief overview of existing codes function would be great.
> At least two people are already interested - the rate sounds good to
> me.
> I'm mainly interested in tracking advertising click throughs to
> purchase, and how the customer walks through the site.
> Thanks,
> Steve Graham

I don't need this feature, but I would pitch in $75 which is a 1/2 hour of
Mikes time. The only reason I would do this is so that more of this cost
sharing can take place and grow more popular.

It would be nice if there were an appropriate place for this kinda stuff. Post
job -> sign up for contributions -> pay consultant

So Steve, if you get this going, Perusion already has my $75 on balance.


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