[ic] Adjusting [item-quantity]

Ammar T. Al-Sayegh ammar at kunet.com
Sat Jul 17 01:47:28 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I need to adjust [item-price] and [item-quantity]
based on an item modifier. Price adjustment worked
easily. I just added

    CommonAdjust   [my-price] ;products:price


    UseModifier my_modifier

in catalog.cfg and then defined my price adjustment
in usertag/my-price.tag.

I tried to do the same for the quantity. i.e,

    CommonAdjust   [my-quantity] ;products:quantity

and then defined my quantity adjustment in usertag/
my-quantity.tag. However, this didn't work well.
The code I wrote in my-quantity.tag is adjusting
[item-price], not [item-quantity].

Any suggestion on how I can resolve this issue?



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