[ic] Images in the left tree using menu editor

Bob Puff at NLE bob at nleaudio.com
Wed Jul 21 00:54:10 EDT 2004

I made it over another hurdle tonight.  Again, IC 5.2.0.  When using the legacy menu editor,
I was able to insert images instead of just text in the left hand side product tree.  However,
using the new menu system, no images would show up, despite having stuff in Title Icon,
Image Up, and Image Down.

Further investigation revealed that the file templates/components/category_vertical_tree was
being used to generate this code, and it had nothing in there for anything but small text.
I made a mod to allow the title icon image to work, and also made the category headings a
little bigger.

There must be something that I haven't set right, because it would be really cool if the
rollovers would work as it appears it was designed to work.  But at least here's one for the

Diff output for category_vertical_tree:

@@ -60,7 +61,14 @@
          <table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="0">
              <td valign="top" class="categorybar" colspan="2" align="left">
-              <b>[if-item-param page]<a href="[area href='[item-param page]' form=|[item-param 
form]|]" class="barlink">[item-param name]</a>[else][item-param name][/else][/if-item-param]</b>
+<b><big>[if-item-param page]<a href="[area href='[item-param page]'
+form=|[item-param form]|]" class="barlink">
+[if-item-param img_icon]<img src="[item-param img_icon]">[/if-item-param]
+[item-param name]</a>[else]
+[if-item-param img_icon]<img src="[item-param img_icon]">[/if-item-param]
+[item-param name][/else][/if-item-param]</big></b>

Note: you can get to this by editing a html page, clicking on the part of the page design that
shows this tree, then clicking on the NAME: category vertical: vertical category list link.


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