[ic] [data session ...] ?

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Wed Jul 21 10:44:49 EDT 2004

I have been trying to access various things in the session database, 
mainly referer and source
(as documented here: 
but these always seem to be blank when referencing them in a page.

Not all things are blank, for instance ohost, id etc.

Using the [dump] tag, i can see the HTTP_REFERER enviroment variable has 
the correct referer but it doesnt propogate into the sessions DB.

Anyone got any ideas? I am using IC 5.0 and have
SessionDatabase session
in my catalog.cfg file

The reason I ask is I was wanting to track how successful our 
advertising on various search engines is, and whether it is worth paying 

I have already written a page monitoring facility which logs the session 
and host of the connecting user, the url of the page (e.g 
product_code_3.html), the interchange url of the page(e.g flypage), how 
long the page took to render (using the [benchmark] tag), and if the 
page was completed at all (identifies bugs with pages such as crashes or 
infinate loops, which is good). The code goes in the header and the 
footer regions of the catalog so the interchange core remains unchanged.

I have written a few cron jobs which download from the database and draw 
a few graphs off-site using GD.

I have uploaded a few examples:

I could make most of the code available, but first I would like to get 
some of this ad tracking stuff done. We thought Mike was doing this, but 
now his work has been published have realised that it was for banner ads 
which I think is different?



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