[ic] How to set up so "decrypt credit card" link will work?

Janine Sisk janine at furfly.net
Wed Jul 21 13:03:25 EDT 2004

I fixed it!  I edited the table "variable(s)" and changed the value 
back to Encryption.  I still have that bogus string in the preference 
area list, but I think I can live with that.

Now back to figuring out how to use gpg properly so that the value can 
be decrypted on multiple computers.  Suggestions welcome!


On Jul 21, 2004, at 12:39 PM, Janine Sisk wrote:

> To add a bit more to the below... I think I know what I did, but not 
> how to fix it.
> From an untouched installation of Interchange, products/variable.txt:
> PGP_KEY         Encryption
> From the one I edited yesterday:
> PGP_KEY 4252762F        gpg --no-default-keyring --always-trust 
> --keyring /var/lib/interchange/.gnupg/pubring.gpg -e -a --batch -t -r 
> '%s'
> 4252762F is the UID of the key I chose, and for the rest it appears I 
> put the value in the wrong place and changed the section PGP_KEY is 
> in.  Except that when I click on that link in the Preferences menu, I 
> get an empty table with "No records";  PGP_KEY doesn't show up there, 
> or anywhere.
> Hmm.  I am guessing it would be a bad idea to try editing variable.txt 
> directly, as there is also a variable.gdbm that probably has to be 
> kept in sync.
> Any suggestions?
> janine
> On Jul 21, 2004, at 12:04 PM, Janine Sisk wrote:
>> On Jul 20, 2004, at 5:37 PM, Jonathan Clark wrote:
>>> Things have improved somewhat since IC 4.8. Go to Administration >>
>>> Preferences >> Encryption and select the PGP_KEY setting. If the key 
>>> has
>>> already been imported it will be in the drop down. If not, you can 
>>> click the
>>> 'Add a GPG/PGP key' link to import the public key file. Then go back 
>>> and
>>> select the key for the PGP_KEY setting.
>>> The ENCRYPTOR setting can be left blank and IC will find GPG on its 
>>> own.
>> Uhoh... I seem to have messed something up.
>> Yesterday I did the following:
>> - generated a new key for the interchange user, and verified it was 
>> in the PGP_KEY dropdown
>> - exported the public key and copied it to my local system
>> - it still wasn't working so I went into PGP_KEY and filled in the 
>> value recommended in that old post:
>> gpg --no-default-keyring --always-trust --keyring 
>> /home/interch/.gnupg/pubring.gpg -e -a --batch -t -r '%s'
>> This morning it dawned on me that the problem was that I needed to 
>> create a new test order with the PGP stuff set up right in order for 
>> the decryption to work.  So I did that, and this time I got a 
>> properly encoded value when I clicked on "decrypt credit card" and 
>> downloaded TEST0003.pgp.  Progress!
>> However, it seems that I did the keys backwards because I can't 
>> decrypt it;  I get an error about the secret key not being present.  
>> I had hoped that keeping the secret key on the server would work 
>> because I need to have multiple people all able to decrypt these 
>> files on their local machines, but apparently that is not to be.  So 
>> I generated a new key locally, uploaded my public key to the server, 
>> and imported it into interchange's keyring.  So far, so good.
>> Then I go into interchange to change which key I'm using, and the 
>> PGP_KEY option has disappeared!  When I go to 
>> Administration>>Preferences>>Encryption, all I see there is 
>> Encryptor.  However I do see that the gpg command mentioned above is 
>> now showing up in the Edit Preferences menu (listed after Template).  
>> When I click on it there is no way to delete it.
>> What did I do, and how do I get PGP_KEY back?
>> thanks,
>> janine

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