[ic] How to set up so "decrypt credit card" link will work?

Janine Sisk janine at furfly.net
Wed Jul 21 13:21:56 EDT 2004

On Jul 21, 2004, at 1:17 PM, Eric Small wrote:

> As I understand PGP the public key should be on the server.  The 
> private key should be on each computer that needs to decrypt.  The 
> public key can only be used to encrypt information that can only be 
> decrypted with the private key.

That's how it looks to me, too.  The thing I don't get is how to copy 
the private key from system to system?  We're talking non-technical 
users here, both Mac and Windows, in different geographic locations.  
Sounds like a recipe for disaster/confusion to me...  but we can't be 
the only ones who have orders processed in multiple locations?  What 
does everyone else do?



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