[ic] Re: paypal interchange module

Martin Abell abellmt at spsp.net
Wed Jul 21 15:02:18 EDT 2004

In response to Tom, who wrote:
> Am I correct in saying that there are no paypal payment modules out in 
> the open similar to those listed on the rtfm and other interchange 
> resource sites?
> Cheers, Tom H

I have a customer who wants a PayPal module so that payment is 
authorized before the receipt page appears, the receipt page having a 
link for downloading the electronic document just purchased.  I knew it 
would be a lot of work, and Mike Heins quoted a very reasonable 
consulting fee to do it.  But it was still over $1000 USD, which has 
slowed my client.  But he might go for a fraction of that if someone 
else wanted to chip in. (Or maybe someone has a module that is not "out 
in the open"?)


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