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Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Wed Jul 21 18:07:45 EDT 2004

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> could  somebody please tell me how to make the product search show the
> products in sku number order.
>  Thanks in advance

If you add /tf=sku onto the search string, the results will be sorted before
the results page ever sees them.  This is quicker, but i haven't bothered to
learn yet how to pick numeric or alpha sorting (which can be important, if
you use numeric sku's of differing lengths--"10" is greater than "3"
numerically, but not alphabetically).

If you'd rather sort them on the results page, put [sort products:sku:f] or
[sort products:sku:n] (f if you're sorting alphabetically, n if numerically)
as the first tag after the [search-list] tag.


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