[ic] Re: paypal interchange module

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Thu Jul 22 00:57:00 EDT 2004

Martin Abell [abellmt at spsp.net]> In response to Tom, who wrote:
> > Am I correct in saying that there are no paypal payment modules out in
> > the open similar to those listed on the rtfm and other interchange
> > resource sites?
> >
> > Cheers, Tom H
> I have a customer who wants a PayPal module so that payment is
> authorized before the receipt page appears, the receipt page having a
> link for downloading the electronic document just purchased.  I knew it
> would be a lot of work, and Mike Heins quoted a very reasonable
> consulting fee to do it.  But it was still over $1000 USD, which has
> slowed my client.  But he might go for a fraction of that if someone
> else wanted to chip in. (Or maybe someone has a module that is not "out
> in the open"?)
> Martin.
> SpeedSpan

There are actually a few paypal mods around. I made my own. However, since you
mentioned softgoods,  I doubt there are any real good ones that take full
advantage of the (I believe IPN system). My paypal code is not "real time" and
does not allow real time downloads and requires javascript :) So, I suspect 8
hours of Mikes time = a damn good module. Mine took me only a few hours, but it
only serves a narrow purpose.

Last I heard the IPN had some features to make it almost "real time
confirmation" although i believe it to still require the customer to leave your

Long story short, for $1hour, Mikes code would work great, or give me a great
base to mod myself. Sharing costs is a great thing... I posted a few money
pooling things on the forum some time ago ( search 'pooling')

there are many projects going on right now that could benefit from interest
pooling... especially in the CRM niche


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