[ic] Community Projects

Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Sat Jul 24 13:00:55 EDT 2004

Hey guys, this was posted on the biz list and it didn't seem to generate
any responses.  Perhaps it will get some hits here :)  I think this may
be a way for the community to help out with the IC project more and for
IC to grow quicker then ever.  I think the ultimate goal could be to
have a site where any developer could post a project they would be
willing to work on if the price is right and then for the community to
post their pledges so the work can begin.  The ad tracking and Paypal
payment module have already been added to the site, looking forward to
seeing progress in those two.


" Perusion would like to announce the addition of the *IC Devgroup 
Community Projects* section on our website. This section was created to 
accommodate the needs of a commonly expressed desire. That desire is to 
enable a group of IC users to pool their monies in order for a developer

to create a commonly desired feature or function for Interchange. Very 
often several IC users have common interests, but cannot justify 
shouldering the entire cost to develop that interest individually.  
There has been much discussion regarding this on the mail list, so we 
have taken a first step towards organizing this process. To find out 
more about this or view the list of current projects, go to:


Thanks for your continued support and use of Interchange!


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