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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sat Jul 24 21:16:40 EDT 2004

Quoting Greg (greg at valuemedia.com):
> Ron Phipps wrote:
> >Hey guys, this was posted on the biz list and it didn't seem to generate
> >any responses.  Perhaps it will get some hits here :)  I think this may
> >be a way for the community to help out with the IC project more and for
> >IC to grow quicker then ever.  I think the ultimate goal could be to
> >have a site where any developer could post a project they would be
> >willing to work on if the price is right and then for the community to
> >post their pledges so the work can begin.
> >
> Thanks for putting it up Ron, I had two announcements to go out, but got 
> caught up in something in between...
> While it would certainly be the most convenient to have everything 
> centrally located, the accounting for it gets a little sticky unless you 
> have some sort of administrator, and keeping track of other peoples 
> pledges, payments, etc is tough enough in-house. We set up this 
> mechanism as a first step, so that at least we can track what is going 
> on in our small little world.  Perhaps we could set up a clearing house 
> site or section on icdevgroup.org that would list just projects and 
> developers, with links from the respective projects to the appropriate 
> developer sites.  Then each developer could be responsible for 
> incorporating their own accounting leg of the entity.
> Mike had some pretty valid points in an earlier mail regarding potential 
> problems with the program, and I think this step at least addresses the 
> administrative aspect of the accounting. Support, quality of work, and 
> the awarding of projects were 3 other points Mike made, and those should 
> be addressed by the community as well if we want to ultimately have a 
> successful system.
> There are many examples on the web of systems that allow users to "rate" 
> products (or in this case projects) which might be an approach for the 
> quality of work point. I look forward to hearing everyones comments 
> regarding all of these working points.
> > The ad tracking and Paypal
> >payment module have already been added to the site, looking forward to
> >seeing progress in those two.
> > 
> >
> Mike has finished the first version of the ad tracking, info is at:

So everyone understands, this is ad *serving*, not ad tracking. It
is so you can serve ads to others and count exposures and clicks
for them.

It appears what a lot of people want is ad *tracking*, where they
can place a single ad campaign variable on Google, Overture, or
the like and trace that to a source and campaign. I may post
that one up soon....

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