[ic] overriding MaxQuantityField in admin order entry UI -admin/entry.html

Akash Shah ic_user at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 24 23:38:40 EDT 2004

>From: Mike Heins <mike at perusion.com>
>Quoting Jon Jensen (jon at endpoint.com):
> > On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, Ed LaFrance (New Media E.M.S.) wrote:
> >
> > > >We use the MaxQuantityField configuration setting to prevent ordering 
> > > >than stock. However, for the admin order entry UI, we want to 
> > > >this behavior, (probably add a checkbox to override it 
>conditionally). Is
> > > >there any hidden parameter which can be set to achieve this 
>functionality ?
> > >
> > > Try adding this near the top of admin/entry.html:
> > >
> > >          [calc]
> > >                  $Config->{MaxQuantityField} = '';
> > >          [/calc]
> > >
> > >
> > > ...I'm not sure if this is sticky from page to page. If it is not, you 
> > > have problems retaining your quantities when submitting the order.
> >
> > It's not sticky. (Except unpredictably in older IC versions in PreFork
> > mode due to a bug.)
> >
> > You could put that code in your admin Autoload
> > ($VENDROOT/lib/UI/pages/admin/.autoload) and then anywhere in the admin
> > should be free of the MaxQuantity restriction. There still may be 
> > on process or ui actions, though, come to think of it.
> >
>You could do:
>GlobalSub <<EOS
>sub remove_max_restriction {
>	if($Vend::admin) {
>	    $Vend::Cfg->{MaxQuantityField} = '';
>	}
>	return;
>Then in catalog.cfg:
>	Autoload  remove_max_restriction
>Mike Heins

Thx for the help.

I tried doing this using as a Sub as I don't have access to interchange.cfg 
at my ISP. I added  to my catalog.cfg as a Sub and added the Autoload line 
as under:

#### begin snippet from my catalog.cfg

## not to allow people to order more than available inventory
MaxQuantityField  inventory:quantity

## Define a Sub routine to remove the MaxQuantity requirement for admin user
Sub <<EOS
sub remove_max_restriction {
	if($Vend::admin) {
	    $Config->{MaxQuantityField} = '';
## Autoload above defined routine
Autoload  remove_max_restriction

### end code snippet

I applied the changes and tested using the entry.html page. It does not work 
:(.  Is there any way to debug what can be going wrong here ? For the 
subroutine, I tried both $Config->... and $Vend::Cfg->..., but the same 
result. There are no errors in my catalog's error.log.

One of the things that I found is that if the inventory values is not-null, 
it sets the mv_max_quantity for that item in the cart (looked thru the 
session info on getconfig.html page) to that value. But if the entry is null 
(there is no entry for that sku in the inventory table), then there is no 
restriction for the maximum quantity. This happens even without applying the 
changes mentioned above.

Any help would would be appreciated.


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