[ic] Community Projects

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sun Jul 25 13:46:28 EDT 2004

Quoting Dennis Pace (dpace at newagedigital.com):
> In a quick look at the projects page I did not see the detailed
> specifications for each project. I would like to be able to see exactly
> what I am contributing to along with a estimated completion time once
> fully funded..

When someone takes the time to do that work, it will be there. We will
be happy to take contributions toward a spec. I think the way to do that
is to use a forum to talk about the contributions.

Making detailed specifications and time estimates is work in and of
itself; should the community decide to produce a detailed spec I will
produce a "guesstimate" on time to completion. But since most estimated
hours are half of what the project will take, with Perusion contributing
the rest, it really will be done on a time-available basis.

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