[ic] Can I do a "mkdir" from interchange

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Mon Jul 26 14:40:02 EDT 2004

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> Subject: [ic] Can I do a "mkdir" from interchange
> I have figured out how to upload images by searching thru the interchange
> archives.  I am now doing that from an interchange routine that
> processes a
> FORM post, however it is placing all files only into pre-existing
> folder(s)
> My last thing is that I want each user to have a separate sub-folder to
> upload their images into.    The first time, the sub-folder does
> not yet exist.
> I have not been able to locate how to to perform the required mkdir.
> I even tried creating a [mkdir] ... [/mkdir] usertag, but that
> gets blocked
> by safe
> Does anyone know how to create a sub-folder using interchange tags???

I might be wrong, as i'm no perl guru, and interchange's innards give me
headaches.  :)  But it looks like you can add auto_create_dir=1 to your
[value-extended] tag to make the directory if it doesn't already exist.


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