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Greg greg at valuemedia.com
Mon Jul 26 19:29:02 EDT 2004

Jeme wrote:

>OK, I'm fumbling blindly here.
>This is my third attempt to ask this question and maybe I'm just not
>asking in a way that people understand.  Interchange is highly flexible,
>so I know it's not a matter of "can't do that" here.
>I have a product to sell that is an assembly of three other products
>(three separate stock items, anyhow).  Because they are stocked and
>inventoried separately, I can't see how to create a SKU for each
>possible combination and keep inventory.
>So my idea is to create a custom flypage for this product (group -- I
>have four such assemblies) and use a pulldown for each item in the
>assembly (which will be populated based on available inventory -- no
>backorders), then a single "Add to cart" button for the assembly. 
>However, the group has a single price and cannot be removed from the
>cart individually, but only as a set.
>Does anyone have a good pointer on this?  I'm really floundering here
>and my attempts have been almost totally fruitless.
Have you looked at the Matrix options on the icdevgroup.org demo?  Might 
get a start there.

>Thank you very much for your attention.
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