[ic] Assemblies -- Magic words

Jeme jeme at rkdpp.com
Mon Jul 26 20:10:01 EDT 2004

On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 19:26:21 -0400 Mike Heins <mike at perusion.com> wrote:
> It should be pretty easy to do if you look at the order groups section
> of the docs.

I'm looking for that right now.  Again, this is the "magic words" bit I
was trying to find earlier.

> Here is a link to order three separate items, with
> the second and third "subitems" that will be removed when the
> "master item" is removed.

Thank you SO much.  I assume, of course, that I can fill each of the
"mv_order_item" variables with a variable quantity from an option select
on the same page.
> Obviously I don't know your products, so these are foundation/standard
> demo products.

Yeah, I can figure that part out. :)
> On the latest "mike/standard demo, this should result in only one
> remove box in the cart.

Is that in the distribution?  It's not in the Debian package I have. 
Where can I get this demo?  More importantly (assuming you have a moment
to point it out and save me a day's rifling through code), what is
different in your demo that causes behavior?
> I trust you will be able to figure out how to construct a form from
> this.

I believe it is within my ability to figure that out without direct
assistance.  Heh.  (That is to say, "I have enough of an idea how to do
it that I don't think I need to ask, but I couldn't just do it without
looking things up.")

Thank you SO much.  This is exactly what I needed.  Maybe now this
headache will subside.


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