[ic] Assemblies -- Magic words

Eric Small interchange at ericsmall.com
Mon Jul 26 20:51:27 EDT 2004

Jeme wrote:
> Is that in the distribution?  It's not in the Debian package I have. 
> Where can I get this demo?  More importantly (assuming you have a moment
> to point it out and save me a day's rifling through code), what is
> different in your demo that causes behavior?
I have done something very similar to what you're trying to do.  It is 
possible :)  I used parts of the Mike demo to help me out.  I downloaded 
my copy from http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/downloads/demos/

I don't recall that the Mike demo did have item grouping in the cart 
with a single checkbox, but I might have missed it since I was taking 
pieces of Mike and putting into Foundation.

One problem I did run into was changing cart quantities.  The quantity 
of the master item will change, but the child items won't change.  You 
should be able to find my solution, which was created with much help 
from Mike Heins, by searching the forums for munge_cart_quantity.  This 
action will update the cart quantities to keep the same ratio between 
the parent and child items in a group.  I'm not much of a Perl 
programmer so my code probably isn't a "best solution", but it does work.


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