[ic] Using menu builder for breadcrumb trail nav

David Radovanovic david.radovanovic at verizon.net
Wed Jul 28 12:48:47 EDT 2004


Interchange 5.00 running on FreeBSD 4.7 using MYSQL and Perl 5.8.2.

After an exhaustive search in the user groups/mail/demos I haven't found an
adequate solution to creating a simple "Breadcrumb" navigation bar using IT
tags. I tried creating a tree menu based on the contents of two tables that
lies horizontally, though I only want to show where the visitor is presently
at within the site structure and NOT the entire site menu. Is there a simple
way to accomplish this using Interchange's myriad of tags? BTW, can someone
please explain the "sel' Selector variables: "left" and "top". 

Thanks :)

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