[ic] Using menu builder for breadcrumb trail nav

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Jul 28 14:48:29 EDT 2004

Mike Heins [mike at perusion.com] wrote:
> Quoting Paul Jordan (paul at gishnetwork.com):
>> Mike Heins [mike at perusion.com] wrote:
>>> Quoting David Radovanovic (david.radovanovic at verizon.net):
>>>> Prerequisites:
>>>> Interchange 5.00 running on FreeBSD 4.7 using MYSQL and Perl 5.8.2.
>>>> After an exhaustive search in the user groups/mail/demos I haven't
>>>> found an adequate solution to creating a simple "Breadcrumb"
>>>> navigation bar using IT tags. I tried creating a tree menu based on
>>>> the contents of two tables that lies horizontally, though I only
>>>> want to show where the visitor is presently at within the site
>>>> structure and NOT the entire site menu. Is there a simple way to
>>>> accomplish this using Interchange's myriad of tags? BTW, can
>>>> someone please explain the "sel' Selector variables: "left" and
>>>> "top".
>>> There is a [breadcrumbs] tag included in the latest CVS version of
>>> IC, which is used in the new "standard" demo.
>>> Check out demo.icdevgroup.org to watch it in action.
>> I was interested in seeing how it worked. Does it have desired
>> behavior?
>> 1.I go to home i get:
>>  Welcome
>> 2.I click on Hardware Category I get:
>>  Welcome > Hardware
>> 3.Expand Hardware and go to Nails I get:
>>   Welcome > Hardware > Nails
>> 4.Now, if I click on Hardware, either in the breadcrumb or the menu,
>> I get:
>>   Welcome > Nails > Hardware
>> I would think that clicking on Hardware in #3 above, that "Nails"
>> would simply disappear.
>> I want my money back! 8-). My curiosity was peaked by this new
>> feature so I just tried it out on the demo. I just wanted to post my
>> initial findings.
> It does this intentionally -- the idea is that if you go to a category
> you should see a hierarchical presentation.
> Not also that if you go to a flypage, it gets reset.

I see, that does makes sense also.

> If you want it to be different, change the tag. That is why we
> are open source.... 8-)

OK, I take that as a personal challenge ;) I will put this tag alteration on my
personal 'pj_todo' list 8-)


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