[ic] HTdig or Googling a local IC Site for better search results on numerous columns

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Jul 28 15:12:34 EDT 2004

Quoting Barry Treahy, Jr. (Treahy at mmaz.com):
> Has anyone assembled an integrated search or advanced search feature 
> into IC that would better handle keyword searches across a large number 
> of columns in a MySQL database?  At present, the method I'm doing are 
> searches against INDEX columns on some of the key fields and then 
> attempting to reduce that, but the flexibility sucks and the performance 
> is even worse;  I'm 4.8.6. 

Why aren't you using Interchange's text search? It does this type of thing
pretty well, certainly better than what you can construct with a SQL query.

All that is required is that you export to a text file.

If your database is so huge that you are going to externally index you
should probably try to leverage swish-e (which has an IC module) or
mNoGoSearch or something.

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