[ic] system() call in usertag, again... :(

Carsten Jahnke carstenjahnke at web.de
Thu Jul 29 03:30:24 EDT 2004

Hi list,

I have perlscript that I want to be executed by a
system("perl /path/to/script parameters "); command in a controlling 
usertag. It starts fine but it just breaks up after a while. the runtime 
  varies from start to start. sometimes I also get it to run completely 
through the script!
Unfortunately I get no response of what lets IC stop the execution of 
the script. It just drops out with some strange return values of 265 or 
Could it be faulty to call a perlscript with system("...") which itself 
also calls various programms with system("..") (e.g. mysqladmin)?
When I run the same script by hand there are absolutely no errors :(
Using backticks causes the same strange behavior.
I have no messages in <ic_dir>/error.log or <catroot>/error.log

What is the problem about calling a perlscript by using system() in a 

btw...sorry about my english =)

I hope someone has an idea!
thanks in advance!

Carsten Jahnke

email: carstenjahnke at web.de

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