[ic] Shipping Calculation Errors

Matt Kerner mkerner at showmeinteractive.com
Thu Jul 29 17:19:42 EDT 2004

I'm having trouble with a store calculating shipping charges. The 
following is an excerpt from the notification message from the store:

	SUBTOTAL         $98.95
	SALES TAX        $0.00
	SHIPPING         $19.89
	ORDER TOTAL      $98.95

The shipping.asc lines for the method used in this order is:

2DA     UPS 2nd Day Air weight  0       0       e Nothing to ship!      
         {'at_least' => "14.98",'ups' => "1",'ui_ship_type' => 
"UPSE:2DA",'PriceDivide' => "1",}
2DA     UPS 2nd Day Air weight  0       150      f [ups-query mode=2DA 
aggregate=70 origin=65203 zip='[either][value zip][or][var 
SHIP_DEFAULT_ZIP][/either]' weight='@@TOTAL@@']                
{'PriceDivide' => "1",}

The total cost at the payment processor is correct (it includes the 
shipping charge). Any ideas?


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