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Thu Jul 29 20:19:03 EDT 2004

James P. Kinney III wrote:
> How does one handle partial shipping in the UI on 5.2?
> i.e. customer orders 3 widgets and a broom. You have 2 widgets and
> the broom in stock. I would like to be able to have a non-computer
> wiz be able to check off what is shipped in full and edit the order
> to to reflect the partial shipping.

For a customers' 4.8 cat, I hacked order_status.html by adding additional
buttons like the "Ship selected orderlines, send email to customer" button,
changing the code behind the button to update the status correctly and send
a different kind of email to the customer (like CATROOT/etc/mail_receipt). I
also added a button for 'back-order all items' 'request another form of
payment' 'cancel order and email customer' and 'declined card requesting
payment'. I had to add several different kinds of mail_reciept in
CATROOT/etc to send an email for each various reason, some used the same
mail_type_receipt, others had their own.

It wasn't easy and I'm no IC or perl guru, but if you can read some code and
somewhat understand what it does you can accomplish this task. Sorry it has
been awhile since I did that and I can't offer much more.

I know order_status.html is different for 5.2, but it may be able to be done
the same way.

Good luck!

Curt Hauge

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