[ic] Order profile not found

Bob Ramstad rramstad at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 17:29:48 EDT 2004

I am going through the tutorial 


to remind myself of the basics of Interchange before I plunge in.

Everything through the end of section 10 works great.

After taking the steps in section 11, the checkout process fails.  I get

The following information was not given:

but no errors are displayed by the error tag.

Now, the interesting thing is that


reports the following each time I attempt to check out:

tutorial /cgi-bin/tutorial/process Order profile order_profile not found

I've looked at many bits of documentation, and have no idea why this
is happening.  catalog.cfg appears to be set correctly, as does

[interch at bill-graham tutorial]$ less catalog.cfg
Database products products.txt TAB
ProductFiles products
VendURL http://bill-graham.accessgroupinc.com/cgi-bin/tutorial
SecureURL http://bill-graham.accessgroupinc.com/cgi-bin/tutorial
MailOrderTo interch
OrderProfile etc/profiles.order

[interch at bill-graham tutorial]$ less etc/profiles.order
__NAME__                order_profile

I've tried many different things, each time restarting Interchange,
with absolutely no luck.

It's interesting, searching the archives, many people report having
the same problem with the tutorial -- can't checkout -- but no one
reported the details I found in the error.log -- it would be awfully
nice to figure out what is going on here so other folks don't fall
into the same trap.

Thanks for any/all help.

-- Bob

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