[ic] Dealer pricing for admin order entry UI - entry.html

Akash Shah ic_user at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 31 14:43:36 EDT 2004


I'm on IC 5.2.0 - foundation based catalog.

I'm using the CommonAdjust Configuration Directive for special pricing of 
dealer kind of customers. It works fine for the end user facing store, but 
for the admin order entry UI -  entry.html, it does not understand the 
context of current user for setting the price.

I looked at the code in entry.html and for displaying pricing info., it uses

==begin code snippet from entry.html

		[if discount [item-code]]
		<BR><FONT COLOR=__CONTRAST__ SIZE=-2>[L]Item is discounted[/L]

==end code snippet from entry.html

Is it possible to somehow pass the user context to the discount-price tag, 
so that it can give pricing sensitive to the user for whom the order is 
being entered?


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