[ic] Installation on Redhat EL 3.0/Redhat 9/Fedora

James P. Kinney III jkinney at localnetsolutions.com
Sat Jul 31 21:16:41 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 12:45, Armaghan Saqib wrote:
> Hi All,
> Following release notes for RPM package, I tried to did the following
> things on RHEL 3.0 and failed on every thing:
> Enviornment: Full install of RHEL 3.0 (everything) with root user.
> 1. Compiled perl-5..src.rpm and tried installing it with Uvh. It gave
> dependencies errors and did not install.

If you want to use an rpm format for perl, you need to get the src.rpm
for perl, install it (rpm -ivh perl*src.rpm) cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
and edit the perl.spec file. Find the line that says "%define threading 
1" and change it to "%define threading  0". Now find the line that says
"%define perlrel 88" (my sub-version is 88, yours may differ) and append
"_no_thread". Now compile with rpmbuild -ba perl.spec. When it is
finished you will need to install it in /usr/local/bin instead of
/usr/bin. Use "rpm -ivh --nodeps --relocate /usr/bin=/usr/local/bin
/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/perl*.rpm" (assuming you have no other perl
rpms in that directory). The --nodeps is required as some other stuff
that perl uses (and is still available) does not have the same
sub-version matching anymore.
> 2. Tried perl -MCPAN -e'install Bundle::CPAN'. Stopped with an error.

To get past some errors in the RH9/Fedora series, you need to change the
LANG variable in the shell you are using. Try "export LANG=C". That has
solved many of my CPAN errors during the unpack and build Makefile
process that are caused by variable substitution errors.
> 3. Tried perl -MCPAN -e'install Bundle::Interchange'. Stopeed with an
> error.

See above.
> If u have installed interchange on Redhat9, RHEL 3.0, Fedora Core1/2,
> could you please let me know the steps you went through?
> I am not very good in Linux as well, someone little better then newbie,
> so I shall appreciate your help a lot.

Find a LUG near you, join their mailing list and start giving all your
money to O'Reilly publishers :)
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Armaghan
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