[ic] Select Failure error?

Kash Monsefi KMonsefi at instinctmag.com
Tue Jun 1 13:01:15 EDT 2004

>>Hi all,
>>First I want to thank everyone who helps out here, you guys are
>>fantastic. Now on to the problem:
>>I need to preface this by saying that my Interchange ver 4.8 has been
>>running smoothly for years without a problem. As such, I have not 
>>changed anything at all over that time. However, beginning a few 
>>months ago, some customers said that when they went to checkout, they 
>>would get an error message, so they would have to try again. Then they 
>>would notice that
>>credit cards were charged twice. This problem has actually been
>>getting worse over time, with more and more customers having the same 
>>problem, and now it's happening several times a day, with some of them 
>>getting errors (and charges) several times before it finally goes 
>>through. I was able to recreate the problem (finally) and here's what 
>>I have tried/found out:
>>- The error message is
>>(signio): Charge failed, reason: Charge error: -13 Reason: Select
>>failure. Please call in your order or try again.
>>- I *do not* get a copy of the order sent to me via email when such an
>>- My processor is Verisign (I know they suck and am actively working 
>>getting a new processor). On my account manager, I can see that the 
>>charge happens without any errors, the charge goes through normally 
>>with no error code.
>>- I've tried updating to the latest Signio.pm, but the errors still 
>>keep happening
>>- I've tried updating to the latest PFProAPI.pm, but the errors still 
>>keep happening
>>- I've tried using the alternate charge program, pfpro instead of 
>>PFProAPI.pm, but the errors keep happening.
>>As much as I'd like to blame Verisign, it seems the problem is not
>>likely coming from their end.
>>Anyone have any ideas what this could be about?
>>Kash Monsefi
>No, but I would suggest you consult the PayFlo documentation, or 
>Verisign, for a more informative description of the 'Select failure' error,
>since that error is actually being returned by Verisign.
>- Ed

Ugh, that's what I was afraid of. Per verisign, their payment processor
doesn't have a "Select failure" error message to return. The following was
their response:
Are you on a shopping cart. We wouldnt be able to trace that sort of error
because I think that it is a shopping cart or data base error. I viewed your
transaction and it never failed at any point. Came through verisign with no
problems. Please check with the shopping cart to see if they may shine some
light for you on this issue. That error is not returned by verisign.
So, I googled "Select failure", and the best I could figure out is that
there is a select() call that is referred to as "Select failure" when it
returns a bad value. Any chance there is such a call in interchange when
processing cc transactions that could be causing my problems?
Thanks again,

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