[ic] Problems saving multiple simple options at checkout time

Mark Bryant mark at vwe.net
Wed Jun 2 11:50:58 EDT 2004

At 15:42 02/06/2004, you wrote:
>At 03:21 AM 6/2/2004, you wrote:
>>Hi Everyone,
>>This is a repost of my problem as it appears to have slipped through the 
>>net the last time.
>>I have items in my shop that have 2 simple options each.
>>Option1 = Condom Type
>>Option2 = Lube Type
>>The options are defined in the item option editor as:
>>Name: Lube Type
>>Label: Lube Type
>>         TLC=TLC
>>         Light_Lube=Light Lube
>>Name: Condom Type
>>Label: Condom Type
>>         Delaying=Delaying
>>         Extra_Strong=Extra Strong
>>         Flavoured=Flavoured
>>         Large=Large
>>         Natural=Natural
>>         Slender=Slender
>>         Textured=Textured
>>         Ultra_Thin=Ultra Thin
>>The appear and work just fine on the fly, cart and checkout pages BUT 
>>when it comes to checkout time and to record the order, the options are 
>>simply being dropped.
>>The options text that appears in the ORDERLINE table is:
>>Condom Type: , Lube Type:
>>What appears to be happening is that the name/label is being recorded (as 
>>a comma separated list) but NOT the selections the user made.
>>Items in the store with only 1 option are being recorded without 
>>problems. This problem ONLY happens when there's more than one option to 
>>I've googled extensively but I've not been able to turn up anything that 
>>helps. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? Could it 
>>be the spaces in the label/name although I doubt it very much as they are 
>>being picked up correctly. If it helps, my original foundation store 
>>install behaves the same way, so it would hint at an IC internal problem?
>>For the record I'm using IC 4.8.7, RH 7.3 and Perl 5.6.1.
>>If any more information is needed please say and I'll get it.
>>Many thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this :)
>I would check the contents of the options table for leading nulls or 
>newlines which should not be there. Also, try installing a fresh 
>foundation demo and see if you can reproduce this condition.
>- Ed

Hmmm, now why would there be any leading nulls or newlines in options.txt 
if I entered all the options via the UI and they were subsequently bunged 
into a mysql database/table by the UI?

Just to be sure that none have crept in, I've checked the options and there 
are no leading nulls or newlines that I can see :(

Also, as I said above, the install of the foundation demo exhibits the same 
problems once an item with 2 or more simple options is created.

Also, why would items with 1 option work just fine and those with multiple not.

I still feel this is an IC bugette that's probably long been fixed in a 
newer version than the one I'm running.

Many thanks


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