[ic] Problems saving multiple simple options at checkout

Mark Bryant mark at vwe.net
Wed Jun 2 19:14:45 EDT 2004

At 18:19 02/06/2004, you wrote:
> > >Seems I'm not the only one that's experiencing this problem with this
> > >particular version of IC.
> > >
> > >Thanks Steve, you've reassured me that I'm not going bonkers ;)
> > >
> > >Fingers crossed an IC core person can shed some light for us.
> > >
> > >Many thanks
> > >
> > >Mark
> >
> > Both files matter. I have not heard of this problem previously, but if I
> > were you, I would install and instance of the latest stable
> > release, either
> > for your branch (4.8.9) or for the current branch (5.2) and see if a
> > catalog running under that exhibits the problem.
> >
> > - Ed
> >
>Thanks Ed.
>What would be the easiest way to get just the Interchange files ( I assume
>this is what you are referring too) - all the pm files, tags etc... without
>disturbing my foundation based catalog, and all the customizations?
>If it is a big challenge to upgrade to 4.8.9 then I might as well put the
>effort into 5.2.


I recently asked about upgrading to the latest version of IC from an rpm 
install of 4.8.x.

The response was mixed as, like you, I thought i was upgrading the IC 
engine, stuff relating to my catalog should still work, but the general 
impression I got from various posters was that it's a lot more involved 
than that. It appears that IC does a M$ and changes the tracks every so 
often, so that the old trains won't run any more. Seems very unfriendly in 
my view, but I'm sure there's some fundamental excuse/reason for it.

Anyway, I weighed up what I would gain from the upgrade vs the cost of my 
time spent trying to do it and decided to not upgrade as I felt it better 
to not fix what's not broken and the new features were not essential to me :)

Fix things that are broken, but never upgrade just for the sake of upgrading ;)

Hope this helps


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