[ic] Discounts and coupon tracking?

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Thu Jun 3 09:19:43 EDT 2004

>>   Thoughts on associating and tracking a code with a particular item?
>>   [discount] and [item-discount] will show me the change in values.
>> However, I'd like to track a code/value with this and log with
>> transactions.  In some basic testing it doesn't appear that session will
>> track using an associative array / hash.
>> Something like ...
>>   1) user enters coupon number
>>   2) lookup number in a coupon table
>>   3) if active, apply discount
>>   4) store discount code/valuey persistant means
>>   5) at checkout verify discounts and log transaction

> I am attempting do a similar process.  I need to give out coupons based on
> previous orders and discounts offered to individual customers. How can I
> effectively track the coupon and personalized amount of the coupon for
> orders?
> Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I am working on a coupon system at the moment. Here is what it can do so

Discounts (amount or % off):
 All items
 Entire order
 Single item
 Single item, auto add a qty to cart
 Shipping (if I can work out levies)

 Apply only if order/item over $x
 Date range
 Max uses (allow to be used x times only, then disable)
 Apply only to zzz affiliate.
 Apply only to specific user.
 Disable coupon entirely


I would like to do..

 Apply discount only up to $y
 Constraint based on item option (allow only for a,b,d / don't allow for

..but I don't think IC's current discount system will support this.

I am also building in some fields for gift cert use (this is basically a
coupon where the value decreases rather than the quantity. Oh, and probably
a random code generator at some point too. (eg. create me 1000 coupons of
this type)

I am putting it in a usertag which would be called in two places - when the
code is entered, verified and applied and when it is redeemed
(log_transaction, needed where the qty/value gets downdated).

In your case, the coupon would be a one-shot (max uses=1) and for a specific
value. It could also be constrained to a particular username.

Comments welcome..


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