[ic] online check information isn't saved

anasazi anasazi at graffiti.net
Fri Jun 4 11:06:15 EDT 2004

I am still testing my shopping website, and when I choose to order by ONLINE CHECK this information is not saved anywhere that I can find and it is not transfered in the email to me, encrypted or not.

Encryption works, as I can recieve credit card #'s just fine, however the ONLINE CHECK information isn't anywhere to be found. Sometimes it'll give me credit card information even though I chose to order by online check. This seems to be account related, as when I log out of my test account it will not do this anymore.

In the REPORT file, I've deleted all of the [IF] conditions so it should display all of the variables it has. I'm talking about this section:

  Account Number: [value mv_credit_card_reference]      Expiration: [value mv_credit_card_exp_month]/[value mv_credit_card_exp_year]
  Account Number: [value check_acct]  Routing Number: [value check_route]    Check Number: [value check_num]
  Account Number: [value check_account]  Routing Number: [value check_routing]    Check Number: [value check_number]
  Company Name: [value po_company]  P.O. Number: [value po_number]

Even with the [IF]'s removed, it still doesn't display anything other than the P.O. Number if thats available. How / Where is this displayed?

Also, is there any way to randomly give the Purchase Order option a random (or not so random) number so that it can be used as more of a "Bill Me Later" type of function?
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