[ic] Discounts and coupon tracking?

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Jun 4 16:26:34 EDT 2004

Quoting Jonathan Clark (jonc at webmaint.com):
> What I can't do at the moment is apply conditions to a specific line in the
> cart. Lets say I have an item which is available with multiple options - the
> basic item (no options) I make virtually no money on and can't afford to
> discount, but some options I can afford the discount. There is no way of me
> doing an item discount through the discounts system to cover this. If my
> item is 12345 and I set up an item discount, I have access only to quantity
> and subtotal. It would be too complex to make a whole lot of other variables
> available to the discount sub, but I think the way forward might be to have
> a new type of discount:
> 'CART_ITEM_1' => 'return $s'
> 'CART_ITEM_2' => 'return $s * 0.9'
> etc.
> Obviously I would have to recreate this each time the cart changed though.
> Maybe a better way would be to allow the discount sub to use or have access
> to a modifier in the cart.

Wouldn't the standard mv_discount for the item work here?

	for my $it (@$Items) {
		## Apply a discount randomly
		if(rand(2) < 1) {
			# Sorry bubba, no discount
			$it->{mv_discount_message} = "No discount!";
			delete $it->{mv_discount};
		else {
			# You lucked out!
			$it->{mv_discount_message} = "You have a discount!";
			$it->{mv_discount} = q{$s * .75};

	[if-item-param mv_discount]
	    [item-code] -- [item-param mv_discount_message]
		-- Regular [item-subtotal]
		-- Discounted [item-discount-subtotal]<br>
	    [item-code] -- [item-param mv_discount_message]
		-- Regular [item-subtotal]

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