[ic] Restarting Interchange when site live

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jun 5 16:21:38 EDT 2004

On Saturday, June 05, 2004 8:23 PM, mike at perusion.com wrote:

> Quoting John1 (list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk):
>> Is it safe to restart the Interchange daemon while a site is live
>> and while a customer may potentially be in the middle of the order
>> process.
> Yes, because if their page transaction has started, the forked (or
> preforked) server they are using will not terminate until it is over.
> If you were to do a KILL and not a TERM signal, that obviously
> changes.
>> i.e.  Is all the session data stored on disk, and would the customer
>> be able to complete their order where they left off, if the site
>> were unavailable for say 10 seconds in the middle of their order?
>> If I wanted catalog changes to be applied to a live site would I be
>> better just sending an "Apply changes" command rather than actually
>> restarting the daemon.  Would this have any adverse effects on a
>> customer halfway through placing an order?
> No, other than the fact they will use the pre-reconfigured (sic?)
> configuration.
Thanks for this useful info Mike!  I am increasingly impressed with
Interchange - a great product!

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