[ic] Admin GUI errors - Temporarily corrupt catalog screens - Do customers see this?

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jun 5 16:48:42 EDT 2004

For whatever reason, I have always found the Page Content Editor in the
foundation admin GUI a little temperamental.

If, through the admin Page Content Editor GUI, one changes a page component,
or the [control] values for a particular component on a page, then the
"Save" button must be pressed followed by the page "Publish" button.  At
least, this is the procedure I follow.

However, I often find this leads to strange behaviour:  sometimes the page
doesn't seem to update, and then if you click the "Publish" button a second
time you may get a content editor error such as "(content_modify): page
my_page.html not found ".  Often the admin GUI page refreshes as if no style
sheet has been applied, or sometimes worse - either way, the page returned
looks corrupted.

A few more "Browser refreshes", "Saves" and "Publishes" usually do the
trick, so I am not too bothered about this behaviour.  Indeed, I do most of
my page editing in  a text editor, without cause to use the admin GUI.

However, what I am concerned about is that sometimes when clicking the "Go
to catalog" button in the admin GUI, after applying some changes, also often
returns a corrupted catalog homepage - sometimes you see bits from the admin
GUI and bits from the catalog home page, usually without a style sheet

Again clicking the browser refresh button a few times eventually clears up
the problem.

But, to get to the point... :-)  I am concerned that a customer may also see
a corrupted page whilst I am doing such editing, or worse still, I am
concerned that the customer may be served up a page with bits of the admin

I am hoping that there is no risk of the customer seeing the same
corruption, and that the problem is down to the contents of my session
variable space and/or browser cache.  I'd be grateful if someone could allay
my fears.  :-)



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