[ic] Zip Code Disappear

Bryan D Gmyrek gmyrek at U.Arizona.EDU
Mon Jun 7 13:13:24 EDT 2004

Hi Russel,

I'm not sure what's causing this problem but when I upgraded to
5.2 I just grabbed the 5.2 checkout page stuff from a stock 5.2
catalog and put it into my original catalog.
So you'd need to do a makecat and call it foundation520 or
something, go into that directory and grab
Then go in to the include/checkout/ directory and modify the
files there, adding whatever features that existed on your old
checkout page that you still need (same for
This way a lot of these bugs should work themselves out
(hopefully anyway).


On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, Russell Mann wrote:

> Hello,
> Upgrading 4.6 to 5.2, and now on my checkout page, the "zip" zip code field
> doesn't pull its value from the userdb and has to be hand entered each time.
> I found this in catalog.cfg but couldn't figure out what it meant:
>         fname=required
>         lname=required
>         address1=required
>         city=required
>         country=required
>         state=multistate
> >>>>>        zip=multizip  <<<<<<<<<<<<
>         &or phone_night=phone, phone_day=phone Must have day or evening
> phone number
>         email=required
> Any suggestions?
> Russell Mann
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