[ic] AuthorizeNet Changes in 5.2

Russell Mann tech at khouse.org
Mon Jun 7 14:23:03 EDT 2004

>In 4.6 my authorizenet settings were thus:
>AUTHNET_SECRET  <secret>      Payment
>AUTHNET_ID      <id> Payment
>AUTHNET_REFERER http://store.khouse.org/store/catalog/  Payment
>AUTHNET_SERVER  secure.quickcommerce.net        Payment
>In 5.2 they appear to be:
>MV_PAYMENT_HOST secure.quickcommerce.net        Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_PARTNER              Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_ID   <id> Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_MODE authorizenet    Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_SECRET       <secret>      Payment
>PO_ACCEPTED             Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_REFERER      http://store.khouse.org/store/catalog/  Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_VENDOR               Payment
>I'm concerned that the AUTHNET_SERVER variable from 4.6 isn't being 
>picked up in the new settings.  How can I make sure it works?
>Russell Mann

What is raising this concern? I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry
about, but you can always un-comment a couple of the debug statements in
VENDROOT/lib/Vend/Payment/AuthorizeNet.pm and run Interchange in debug mode
to see exactly what is being passed to Authorizenet. Or you can just give
the code in that module and perhaps VENDROOT/lib/Vend/Payment.pm a

- Ed

Sorry, I should have included the "why"!

I'm getting this:

Credit Card Information (Charge failed, reason: Authorizenet error: . Please
call in your order or try again.)          
Card Number (Authorizenet error: . Please call in your order or try again.)



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