[ic] GnuPGP ... pgp

Tomas tomas at accessnow.com
Wed Jun 9 23:55:37 EDT 2004


I am ready to set up encryption .. I am using RedHat on the server, and I  
have several different people on various Windoze versions running various  
different e-mail clients.  I'd like to get some direction on the best path  
to follow for installing some form of PGP on the Windoze side that makes  
things easy for a non-technical end-user (some employee reading and  
processing orders).  I understand that GnuPGP would be a good option - but  
I am not sure where and how to obtain the binaries and how to configure  
this in that environment.  I have no problem getting the Linux side  
working.  That's a breeze.

So, would someone point me to the resources I should be trying for making  
this a painless journey?



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