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At 03:19 PM 6/9/2004, you wrote:

>Hello IC Users,
>I'm currently working on a major upgrade to a client's catalog that has
>been running on Minivend for a few years now. I'm rebuilding it in
>Interchange 5.0 and in doing so am trying to stay within IC's established 
>way of doing things as much as possible (i.e. no crazy custom code).
>This client has a few specialized discounts that have been handled in
>the past using some custom code. I'd like to know if these can be
>handled using the pricing table and CommonAdjust.
>One of these is a video discount. If four or more videos are ordered,
>they take 10% off of the price of all videos in the order. The other is
>for some training hurdles, order 6 or more in either of two sizes and
>10% is discounted from the price of all hurdles in the order. The code
>that's been used in the Minivend catalog is as follows:
>   [perl arg=scratch interpolate=1]
>     [item-list]
>       $tq{"[item-code]"} = "[item-quantity]";
>       if ('[item-field category]' eq 'Videos') {
>         $qv += [item-quantity], $sv += [discount-price noformat=1] * 
> [item-quantity];
>       }
>       $Safe{'scratch'}{'q_videos'} = $qv;
>       $Safe{'scratch'}{'s_videos'} = $sv;
>       $Safe{'scratch'}{'q_hurdles'} = $tq{"HURDLE6"} + $tq{"HURDLE12"};
>     [/item-list]
>   [/perl]
>This takes the contents of the cart, picks out all items that have 
>category=Videos, and creates a Video Subtotal ($sv) and a Video Quantity 
>Count ($qv). It assigns those to scratch values q_videos and s_videos, 
>respectively. A scratch value for Hurdle quantity is also set.
>Then, I have the following:
>   [if scratch q_videos >= 4]
>     [discount ENTIRE_ORDER]
>       my $d = (1 - 0.90) * $sv;
>       return $s - $d;
>     [/discount]
>   [else]
>     [discount ENTIRE_ORDER][/discount]
>   [/else]
>   [/if]
>This checks the q_videos to see if the combined video quantity qualifies 
>for the discount. If so, it takes 10% of the video subtotal and discounts 
>the entire order by that dollar amount.
>This is also done for the Hurdles, but with a slight twist. There's also a 
>Product of the Month that gets a 10% discount. The Hurdles are a Product 
>of the Month during a couple of months and the 10% applies on top of any 
>quantity discount. So, in the code to discount the Hurdles, I have a few 
>extra checks to do a double discount if necessary:
>   [if scratch q_hurdles >= 6]
>     [set promoHURDLE]1[/set]
>     [set promo_noteHURDLE6]Promo Price (ordered 6 or more hurdles)[/set]
>     [set promo_noteHURDLE12]Promo Price (ordered 6 or more hurdles)[/set]
>   [else]
>     [set promoHURDLE][/set]
>     [set promo_noteHURDLE6][/set]
>     [set promo_noteHURDLE12][/set]
>   [/else]
>   [/if]
>   [if scratch hurdleDisc][and scratch promoHURDLE]
>     [discount HURDLE6] ($s * .9) *.9 [/discount]
>     [discount HURDLE12] ($s * .9) *.9 [/discount]
>   [elsif scratch promoHURDLE]
>     [discount HURDLE6] $s * .9 [/discount]
>     [discount HURDLE12] $s * .9 [/discount]
>   [/elsif]
>   [else]
>     [discount HURDLE6][/discount]
>     [discount HURDLE12][/discount]
>   [/else]
>   [/if]
>So is this possible using what exists in IC's foundation template (using 
>price groups, perhaps)? If so, could someone please provide an example of 
>how it should be set up? Otherwise, I'll just be cleaning up some of that 
>old PERL and working it into the new catalog.

Seems like price_group would be a good way to handle this:


- Ed

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