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Tomas tomas at accessnow.com
Fri Jun 11 11:37:41 EDT 2004


On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 14:07:25 +0100, Eros Shop <info at eros-shop.co.uk> wrote:

> I have been using GnuPG 1.0,6 with IC and PGP FREEWARE 6.5.8. for  
> windows since I started my online store and I've never had any problems  
> decrypting messages on the windows machines.

I'm doing the same, now.  Thanks.  However, I have a question:

Would you please show me your "route" that encrypts an order email?  For  
some reason, the emails that are created are not working correctly - and  
while gpg works fine on command line, the emails created by IC are not  



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