[ic] eBay integration with Interchange

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 11 15:35:46 EDT 2004

Hello Grant (if you are watching),

I noticed that back in October you mentioned:

> I'm now very close to being finished with the IC/eBay API integration.
> eBay's developer testing site was broken for about 10 days or so, but it
> started working again a couple days ago and I should be done very soon.
> integration will consist of something like this:

> - 5 UserTags
> - 7 jobs files
> - 7 jobs directives
> - 1 new page
> - 1 new variable table entry
> - new fields in transactions and inventory tables
> - new ebay table
> - log_transaction modifications

And then in March:

> I'm still working on my IC/eBay integration and it's becoming more and
> dependant on the specifics of my catalog and my particular usage of eBay.
> The good news is the UserTags themselves are working 100%
> perfectly.

I deduce from this that, in the end, you considered the tags to be the only
easily reusable part of your implementation, and that the other components
had become too bespoke?

I was wondering if you had made any progress with the other components of
your eBay integration.  In particular, I would be very grateful for an
example of the cron job stuff, and the special eBay customer checkout page.

Anyway, thank you very much for the eBay tags you posted.  I am in the
process of designing an Interchange site and would like to integrate it with
eBay so
your tags will give me a real head start and save me a lot of time!  :-)



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