[ic] inactive items - flypage still works for them.

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Wed Jun 16 14:26:53 EDT 2004

John1 wrote:
> But, this makes me think - if someone retrieves a cached page for an
> inactive product, will they be able to click the "Buy" button.  i.e. Does
> the "Order" routine automatically check the "inactive" status and reject
> attempts to order inactive items?  I guess I should test this out.

AFAIK it is still be possible to buy an inactive product with the right 
GET or POST - there's nothing to stop you adding inactive products to 
the basket it just stops them appearing in searches.

I guess you would have to catch this in the basket code, but I haven't 
bothered as I think it would be hard to do accidentally without noticing 

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