[ic] Controlling nested includes (includes code)

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Sat Jun 19 00:36:48 EDT 2004

A catalog on our server recently had a page that, when requested, brought
the server to a crawl.  It turns out that the problem was that the page was
including another page, which included itself for reasons not really obvious
to me.  :)  Luckily, the developer was sitting next to me so i could wtf
him, kill the offending process, and get things back up and running quickly.

I didn't think it a good thing that one page in one catalog could so easily
mess things up for everyone, so i decided to try to fix the include tag so
that it couldn't happen that way again.  Now, it allows an
administrator-defined number of nested includes, after which the include is
effectively ignored.

(Looking back, i could have set a couple of ulimits on interch, but i'm
getting used to working within interchange as much as possible, and fixing
it when i can't.  :)  )

My edited include.coretag follows.  If you want to use it, it can replace
the contents of {interchange}/code/SystemTag/include.coretag, and consider
adding a line to interchange.cfg that says
or the like.  An INCLUDE_DEPTH of 0 will effectively disable the include
tag, without making it show up in the page.

UserTag include             Order        file locale
UserTag include             PosNumber    2
UserTag include             Routine      <<EOR
sub {
    my ($file, $locale) = @_;
    $locale = 1 unless defined $locale;
    $::Session->{include_depth} = 0
        unless defined $::Session->{include_depth};
    my $maxdepth = $Variable->{INCLUDE_DEPTH};
    $maxdepth = 10 unless defined $maxdepth;
    if ($::Session->{include_depth} < $maxdepth) {
        return Vend::Interpolate::interpolate_html(
            Vend::Util::readfile($file, undef, $locale)
    return '';

(Insert nifty sig line here)

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