[ic] Setting order number after payment is taken in 5.2.0

Akash Shah ic_user at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 21 15:22:36 EDT 2004


I upgraded my foundation based catalog to 5.2.0 and as per the readme for 
the change log, made changes for credit card. Here is the change that i made

quoting change log
At that point, in the current foundation, you would add this code to
  assign an order number *after* payment is taken.

	Set order number in values: [value
										|| 'etc/order.number'
	Set order number in session: [calc]
                        $Session->{mv_order_number} = 

  This allows the order numbers to increment only after payment has been
  received, while still allowing the all-in-one transaction logging
  file located in a report file.

  If you use counter_tid, you *must* set set the order number in your
  logging file if you want it to be available.

this works fine for credit card transactions, but we also accept the 
"POSTAL_ACCEPT" - call in or fax the payment information. for this case, the 
order number came out as empty string.  Is this a bug ? or do I need to 
modify my etc/log_transaction for this payment type and set order number for 
every payment type that i accept ?

- Akash

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